This website presents a series of lectures on quantitative economic modeling, designed and written by Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski. Please send feedback via the web forum or contact@quantecon.org.


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These lectures have benefited greatly from comments and suggestions from our colleagues, students and friends. Special thanks are due to our sponsoring organization the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and our research assistants Chase Coleman, Spencer Lyon and Matthew McKay for innumerable contributions to the code library and functioning of the website.

We also thank Andrij Stachurski for his great web skills, and the many others who have contributed suggestions, bug fixes or improvements. They include but are not limited to Anmol Bhandari, Long Bui, Jeong-Hun Choi, David Evans, Shunsuke Hori, Chenghan Hou, Doc-Jin Jang, Qingyin Ma, Akira Matsushita, Tomohito Okabe, Daisuke Oyama, David Pugh, Alex Olssen, Nathan Palmer, Bill Tubbs, Natasha Watkins, Pablo Winant and Yixiao Zhou.